Tackers 2021

BHSA once again hosted the Tackers program in conjunction with Australian Sailing and the support of Barwon Coast. Forty four children aged between 7 and 17 years were able to participate this year, up from 30 children in 2020.

Due to Covid 19, the format was slightly different with both a morning and afternoon program running, rather than an all day program as previously. This allowed more children to participate and a cheaper course fee.

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A new course added this year was the “Out There Sailing” program. This allowed us to offer a program to the 12-17 year age group for the first time and uses the larger Pacer, a very versatile 2-man sailing boat. The participants also have the opportunity to experience and learn the use of sail boards as part of this program.

Like the virus, the weather this year was a little unpredictable, but our fantastic trio of trainers had a solution for every contingency. As always, demand for the Tackers program was strong and feedback was universally positive, with all Tackers clearly thoroughly enjoying their sailing experience; the particularly popular highlight this year appearing to be “bottling” the yachts!

An additional course run in later January was a day school event, involving 60 year 9 students from nearby Lutheran College. These day school programs are offered by Australian Sailing and this is first of what we hope to be more on the Bellarine Peninsula. BHSA and Barwon Coast supported this event for which the Barwon River is ideal. Hopefully this will lead to other primary and secondary schools in our region embracing this opportunity.

For further information please contact Nigel Hocking at nigelhocking52@gmail.com

The Tackers program continues to be embraced by the local community with the support of many local children and their families. We look forward to seeing you all on the river practicising your new yachting skills, hopefully on a regular basis through the Barwon Heads Sailing Association.

Once again on behalf of BHSA, can I express our appreciation for the support of our local families, the fantastic participants, the Kids, Australian Sailing, Barwon Coast, and of course our trainers, Kate, Johno and Marcus.

See you all next year.

Nigel Hocking