The Ballad of the Broken Hull

By Linton Roe

The boat was racing in the wind
Old Hobie, skipper’s friend
Proud sailor on his final lap
The race quite near its end

The boat was sailing, oh so well
The river at full tide
A mighty twang was heard aboard
“Oh no,” the skipper cried

Around the boat the skipper looked
The boom now touched the deck!
“I hope those stays don’t snap, or worse,
The mast fall on my neck!”

Another, louder twang was heard
The mast was falling down
And looking to the fore, one bow
Was bent like angle iron!

The hull was cracked, the hull was bent
And open to the drink
The water started flowing in
The boat would surely sink!

With angle like a boomerang
The starboard hull was bent
The vessel made it to the shore
Her dignity all spent

And so another gallant boat
Old Hobie with the bends
Donated her unbroken hull
And parts to other friends