About our club

This Club grew out of the enjoyment many families experienced in sailing small boats on the safe waters of the Barwon estuary.

Races began in the most informal way of casual challenges issued between friends, for the sole purpose of entertaining the children (so the fathers said!). Of course the children needed to be taught the rules of sailing as well as the skills, which led to the need for more formal procedures (to discourage disputes over who was cheating) and this led to the formation, in 1968, of the Barwon Heads Sailing Association (BHSA).

Club activity is still for the whole family with races being held over the Summer school holidays and at Easter. The ages of skippers currently range from eleven to seventy, boats ranging from the gentle Fairy Penguins to prowling Hobie Cats, and our women members demonstrating that sailing requires more brains than brawn.

We aim to provide activities which will develop the skills and confidence of those who are learning to sail while at the same time providing interesting racing for those who already have pewter mugs cluttering their mantelpieces. On the tortuous courses of the estuary, sailing conditions vary from a quiet glide across sunlit gentle ripples to muscle wrecking howling gales.

Club activities are organised by a Committee elected from members, and their responsibilities include planning the racing programme, arranging racing officials, supervising safety, publishing a newsletter and encouraging social activities.


Anybody who has a boat (or can borrow one) is welcome to enter our races, with an entry fee payable prior to the race. This is waived for members. The races are run in two classes (Catamarans and Monohulls ) and small trophies are awarded in each race to encourage winners to greater successes. Races are timed and results computed and posted after each race.

Race results are computed on boat handicap (or scratch) as defined by Sailing Australia and by individual skipper handicap determined by the standard back-calculated yardstick (i.e. results in previous races). The club has perpetual trophies for both handicap and scratch aggregate series and for some individual major races (Barwon Safari and the Easter Sheepwash). There are also trophies for other short series. Specific trophies available to young members are the Under-16 Cummings-Steuart trophy for the Barwon Safari and the Under-18 skipper trophy for the Summer Aggregate.


The club has a small storage shed at the end of Ozone Road and can offer members limited storage of equipment. Moorings are available on a first come first served basis. We run a good rescue boat and have everything required for the efficient and safe execution of enjoyable racing.


For more information about joining the club see our Memberships page.